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We are searching for a product owner. Are you the one?

Product Owner, Dataløn

Do you have an interest in and enthusiasm for user friendly software - making life easy and saving time for the customers? Are you experienced in and knowledgeable about  data driven product development? If yes, then you might be the Product Owner, we are looking for, for Denmark’s most widely used payslip system, ‘Dataløn’.

We are seeking a Product Owner for our web and mobile development team, whom is responsible for the customer related parts of ‘Dataløn’. As Product Owner, you will immense possibilities to form and improve the customer experience and satisfaction with our 65,000 business customers.

As Product Owner, it will be your responsibility to facilitate the priority of the tasks. You will have to be visionary and customer focused as well as good at collaborating. It is a demanding position, in which the challenge is not so much to get ideas. Rather, it is important that you master multiple ideas, choose the ones to go with, and create a clear thread to give our customers a better product.

It is no secret that the ‘Dataløn’ platform is getting on in years, but over the last two years we have brought into focus to rethink the architecture both technically and user wise - a ongoing process which will become part of your portfolio. You will have the possibility and freedom to induce great changes!

You will become part of a fantastic team, for whom humor and an informal atmosphere are valued and where we work together to ensure the best possible solutions for our customers. You will experience a workplace where the management is highly reachable, changes are executed, and we listen to and appreciate those who can and will make a difference. Our headcount is currently seven, but will shortly rise to 10, situated in either Ballerup or Riga, Latvia.

We are located in Ballerup and were last year implemented in Visma, whom through an impressive growth have become the biggest IT company in Scandinavia. In addition to ‘Dataløn’, we provide a multitude of SAAS products such as e-conomic, Dinero, and Sproom. This of course opens up for exciting in-company career paths and opportunities.

Job description:

  • Secure the product development in regards to legislation, customer requirements, stakeholders, and Visma’s stategies.

  • Collecting and refinement of the stakeholders’ requirements

  • Responsible for updating the User Stories

  • Responsible for prioritizing the Backlog

  • Coordinating the development tasks with the stakeholders and between the development teams

  • Be part of the scrum teams and participate in various scrum activities

  • Participate in various status meetings and forums with the stakeholders

Your professional qualifications:

  • Experience with product development or UX of SAAS product(s)

  • Experienced with data driven product development

    • Experience with methods for data collection and analysis

    • Examples of utilizing data for decision making regarding the product

    • Examples of data driven follow-up to product/feature launches and changes made on this background

  • Experienced in agile development

  • Used to working with customers and their requirements

  • Experienced with measuring customer satisfaction and using the result

  • Fluent in both spoken and written English

  • It is considered a plus if you have experience and interest in working with UX

  • Technical insight and understanding is likewise considered a plus

Your personal qualifications:

  • You have a passion for product development and have great focus on quality and creating value for the customers

  • You have a natural power of impact, the ability to listen, excel at communication and understands how to engage and motivate your colleagues

  • You excel at communication of requirements and solutions between the stakeholders and the development team

  • You are pragmatic and have focus on closure and deliverance

  • You have a great drive, enthusiasm, and are capable of juggling several tasks at once

  • You are helpful and social

We are offering:

  • Orderly conditions, where work/life balance is highly prioritized

  • A 36 hour work week with limited work overtime, and what little you accumulate will be either compensated or taken off

  • A high level of employee satisfaction

  • The possibility to act out responsibility and the mandate of your role

  • A good social environment, a delicious canteen, and employee associations including a art club, a wine club, a wellness association and work-out

  • The pension constitutes 11 % company payment and 5.25 % own payment

  • 6 weeks of vacation and 5 care days

  • Workplace address: Lautrupbjerg 6, 2750 Ballerup

About Visma Enterprise

Visma AS is the leading software company in the Nordic region with the mission of promoting competitiveness and contribute to the creation of growth and effectiveness for our customers.

Visma Enterprise is one of five divisions in the Visma group.

Visma Enterprise consists of Business Units in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia and the Netherlands, in addition to a virtual unit, Product & Development. Visma Enterprise has 2000 employees with a yearly revenue of 2.140 MNOK.


To apply to the position send us your CV by mail to as soon as possible. A cover letter is not necessary, but will be happily received. Applicants will be reviewed continuously.

For further information please contact Natalia Dolores by phone (60 68 51 00) for further information.


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