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Do you want to start growing as a Software Engineer with latest technologies?

Junior Software Engineer

In Madrid we have already established a major tech hub and agile environment to enable us to develop a new innovative and user friendly HR platform solution that will really rock our industry.

We are more than 140 software developers, UX designers and professional staff among others. We want to expand substantially over the coming years, so we are looking for committed people who believe in our long term perspective.

Visma is seeking Junior Software Engineers (Computer Science or Telecommunications Degree) to be assigned to its offices located in Alcobendas (Madrid).

Integrated into the Cloud Solutions team and under the supervision of a Mentor and Dev Manager, the overall responsibility of a Junior Software Engineer profile is to support our teams. We are looking for multi-disciplinary, technology-passionate and broadly skilled development engineers who enjoy and thrive in solving unusually complex business problems through practical and ingenious application of technologies.

What we offer?

  • Excellent guided training program working together with the best professionals in a Scrum Team
  • A mentor who will help you achieve all your goals to grow as a software engineer
  • Young dynamic multicultural environment (average age 31 years old, 22 nationalities)
  • Challenging, exciting and varied tasks
  • Inclusive and inspiring work environment with skilled colleagues
  • Exciting professional environment based on a high level of expertise
  • Facilitation for professional and personal development
  • Competitive pay
  • Social benefits (tickets restaurants, tickets transport and health insurance)
  • Team building activities and social business life
  • Autonomy day (Take a day off from your daily duties to research, innovate or self-learning)
  • Flexible working hours, 7-10h / 16-19h. (Friday from 8-15h)
  • During July and August finish at 15 every day

 Workplace is at one of Visma's locations in Alcobendas, Madrid (Spain).


 If you are/have...


  • Master degree in Computer Science, Telecommunications or a related field and full professional
  • Committed person
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Look for an international job experience
  • Good command of English and/or other languages
  • Eager to learn in a young dynamic multicultural environment (average age 31 years old, 22 nationalities)

 ...We want you on board!!!

 Finally, and ultimately most important, we are looking for team members who share our mindset & core values: Smart, Helpful, Conscious, Expert & Reliable. Are you up for it?


About Visma Enterprise


Our headquarter is located in Oslo, Norway, and we provide solutions that keep our customers one step ahead of their competition. In optimizing for efficiency, the goal posts are constantly being moved.

At Visma, we aim to provide solutions and software that are of such high quality that they turn our customers' business and administrative processes into competitive advantages. That means offering world-leading solutions today, as well as tapping into the opportunities tomorrow's technology offers.

The Visma Group comprises five business areas: SMB, Enterprise, Commerce Solutions, Custom Solutions and Cloud Infrastructure Services. The group operates across the entire Nordic region along with Benelux, Central and Eastern Europe. 

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  • Comunidad de Madrid

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Telephone: +34 610115711

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Av. Bruselas 7 28108 Alcobendas Madrid