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We are looking for an intern to work on an exciting project in our team. The team is named “Data storage” and is responsible for two Visma services: Visma Document Storage and Visma Transaction Storage.


Document storage is a service that several other Visma products use to store their files. There are huge amounts of files being created and used every day. There is no user interface to Document storage, all actions are handled via the API.


Use case Expense refund files:

When an employee wants a purchase refunded from his employer he creates an expense claim and attaches the receipt of his purchase. The uploaded receipt is saved to Visma Document Storage. This in order for other services to view the receipt when approving the expense or to be read by an OCR service to simplify the creation of the expense claim.


Short project description

In today’s time data has become very valuable and powerful and to be able to use it efficiently and wisely one needs to be able to search in large sets of data. 

We would like you to do a proof of concept and provide answers to different questions that our customers might have, like :

“How many documents did I upload last year?”

“Search the receipt from the restaurant where I was last month”


Possible project phases:

  • Research available technologies for full-text search

  • Transform natural language to keyword search queries

  • Query the metadata of the files.

  • What about querying the contents of the files.


Keywords: Full-Text Search, Test-to-Sql parsers, OCR, Text indexing...

Technologies: Apache Solr, Apache Lucene, Ambar Cloud, ElasticSearch, Azure Search, EditSql...



A prototype of a text search engine that can be used to demo searching on the files stored by our “Document storage” service.

Technologies and tools

Our services are hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and are built on top of Microsoft's SaaS stack using Microsoft .NET technologies. Some of the SaaS solutions we are using include: Azure AppServices, Redis Cache, Azure Storage, Azure Sql Server and also server-less technologies like Azure Functions.


The intern will be able to choose the technology that best suits the project needs. 


You would work with colleagues in the Data storage team in a unit in Visma called Tech Hubs. The team has 2 team members in Timisoara, 4 in Sibiu and 2 in Oslo, Norway. We work daily on Google meet, and the fact that we are currently working from home, did not change too much how we collaborate. Depending on when the internship will take place and what the situation will be in Romania at the time, the candidate will either work in the Visma office, or at home as all employees.


Our work language is English, so we expect the candidate to have a sufficient level both in writing and spoken.

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Iulia Aron

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