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We need your extraordinary abilities - let’s build your new team!

With thousands of employees across 21 countries, Visma is one of Europe’s leading technology companies. Our 12,500+ employees work every day to innovate and develop software and technology that makes the world run smoother. We know that not all heroes wear capes but we try our best to equip our everyday heroes with the knowledge, skills and drive they need to make progress happen.

We also know that with the right set of people there is no limit to what we’re able to achieve together. Does that make you excited? Continue reading! 

HRM Core is international, and located in Ireland, Lithuania, Norway and Latvia. We are looking to build a team that will be dedicated to continuing delivering core Payroll Saas service for Visma Payroll systems running in Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands, and making our customer smile by providing great software.

You are a team player and enjoy working together with and learning from colleagues in an international, distributed environment. You appreciate working in a helpful work environment where everybody is comfortable in voicing opinions without hesitation. You are independent, well-organized and have high attention to detail. You are proactive and innovative by nature, and: 

  • You are a dedicated Software Developer: We want more developers, technical QAs and infrastructure engineers who want to develop world-class software to meet customer needs.

    • Key words: C#, .NET Core, .NET Framework, Node.Js/Javascript/ Typescript, Java, Python, relational databases and NoSQL, DevOps and continuous delivery, AWS Cloud Services.

  • You are a driving Software Architect: We are part of the way through our microservices journey and need you to accelerate the transition. You like to think outside of the box and challenge the status quo.

    • Key words: Microsoft .NET, Scrum, Kanban, DevOps and continuous delivery, AWS Cloud Services.

  • You are a passionate Business Analyst: We need a product champion. You will play a key role in the development team, to improve the work processes of our customers.

    • Key words: requirements, testing, quality assurance, prioritization, improvement.

We deliver services hosted on AWS using DevOps via Visma’s Cloud Delivery Model (VCDM). This is Visma’s own recipe for service development, ensuring high quality, while delivering value for the customers. Listen to the DevOps journey with our Director of Cloud and Engineering Alexander T. Lystad

Why should you reach out?

If you enjoy a challenge, and want to help move a single-cloud application to distributed cloud applications!

If you still need some reasons:

  1. Technology. Visma has quickly evolved into Europe's largest center of excellence at development of cloud software. Autonomous Teams, DevOps principles. Real ownership and support to increase knowledge in Security, Reliability, Scaling and Public Cloud.

  2. Growth. Good level of support and opportunities for developing your tech skills (training, events, communities etc.). 4500 tech people. You can always find someone to learn from, you can always find someone who shares your passion for something, and you can contribute yourself!

  3. Best of worlds. You’ll get all the benefits of being in a small company where you can easily make decisions, and at the same time be a part of something bigger.

  4. Impact. About 500,000 companies depend on us delivering their financial systems. Over 10 million people get their payslip monthly from Visma. By 2022, over 3 million students, teachers and parents will use Visma’s school systems. These are just some of the ways we are making an impact. 

  5. Diversity. We utilize the creative strengths that come from many people from many cultures, again leading to better products, an inspirational workplace and learning from different perspectives. Diversity is also something that applies to our customers: We have over 1,1 million customers of all sizes, all industries, public and private sector, and across different countries.

  6. We invest in R&D. By having commercial success and running our company using extensive automation, we are able to invest heavily in R&D. That’s what we want to do - invest to grow!

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We are open to hire in all locations where Visma has offices.


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