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AI Developer in Visma Resolve

Are you interested in developing the next artificial intelligence services that streamline and improve processes within logistics, health care, hospitals, schools and kindergartens in Europe? In that case, Visma Resolve is the place for you.

Visma Resolve is a pioneer of machine learning and optimization in Visma and has the responsibility to solve challenges in Visma’s products. Resolve also functions as a hub for innovation that contributes to creating new products and raising the knowledge on machine learning and optimization throughout the entire company.

We are interested in people who 

  • Are devoted to challenging the status quo and think outside the box 
  • Are specialized in optimization, artificial intelligence or machine learning 
  • Are skilled programmers with a deep understanding of object-oriented programming 
  • Have the ability to solve complex problems with the use of artificial intelligence, optimization or machine learning 
  • Are motivated to develop, deliver and operate optimization or machine learning services to thousands of end-users 
  • Possess excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

What we can offer 

  • An exceptional work environment with a passion for optimization and machine learning 
  • Opportunities to contribute to strategically important innovative development processes in one of Europe's fastest-growing software companies 
  • Very favourable conditions 
  • Flexible work hours and workplace

The work includes 

  • A high level of self-management in the projects we conduct 
  • Close user interaction based on lean startup principles 
  • Implementation of algorithms and solution methods 
  • Leading the development of GUI for optimization services 
  • Developing REST APIs in public cloud for service integrations 
  • Developing business cases to determine the commercial benefits and project scope

Are you passionate about optimization and machine learning, and wish to make a difference? If yes, then Visma Resolve is a good match for you. Apply now for an internship or full-time position - we review applications continuously.

Feel free to contact for an informal talk about your options.

An optional challenge for the curious

The task is to find the unique letters that should replace the digits 9 and 8. Every letter shall be assigned a unique base-10 digit. The solution is without leading zeros. The letters should be found by solving the following equation


   +   ML

   +   AI

   +   NP

   = LOVE

98 = ? 

Feel free to share your answer with us upon submitting your application.

Are you passionate about complex optimization and machine learning challenges? Join the team!

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English (UK)

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  • Noord-Holland
  • Region Hovedstaden

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As soon as possible


Netherlands or Denmark, Copenhagen


Jacob Nyman

Therese Sletten

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Karenslyst Alle 56 0277 Oslo