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Software Architect

Visma Help Centre wants YOU as our new Software architect!


Are you up for a challenge? We are looking for a new architect that can help the team implement an architecture consisting of microservices based on Clean Architecture Pattern and SOLID principles! If you also want to contribute to giving users the best customer experience, then working in Visma Help Centre is the job for you! 

Meet the team

We are an enthusiastic team of 3 developers, 1 test automation engineer, 1 business analyst / technical writer and 1 team manager/service owner.  We work from Oslo (Norway), Ängelholm (Sweden), Timisoara and Alba Iulia (both Romania). 

We are looking for a software architect, but we also have an open position as software developer. The team will have 8 members when we have hired both!

Our working language is English. Our standard collaboration setup is online meetings using Google meet or Slack. But as everyone else, we look forward to finally meeting in person to have a tasty meal and a good laugh together! We think that from time to time it is necessary to have workshops in the same room in front of a whiteboard with pens and post-its for creative collaboration and immediate communication!

What do we develop?

Our passion is to deliver a component that helps Visma’s customers help themselves use Visma’s software  - the Visma Help Centre! The component is part of the customer journey of 60 Visma products. We have internal customers located in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. This means that we are an international team working with colleagues in several European countries on a daily basis.

We are a DevOps team that works in an agile manner and we host our service in Azure. Our core principles are continuous delivery, extreme automation, continuous improvement and continuous monitoring. 

In Visma our team belongs in a department named Tech Hubs. All components and services delivered by Tech Hubs are used by teams and products all across Visma. Tech Hubs is focussing on innovation and we appreciate experimentation and new ideas!

What will be your tasks and responsibilities? 

Our service was designed several years ago and we have started the process to migrate to an architecture consisting of microservices based on Clean Architecture Pattern and SOLID principles. We need you to take the team through this migration by sharing our ambition and by involving the developers so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to where we are going and why. We appreciate an architect that works closely with the team on a daily basis!

Your main tasks and responsibilities will be:

  • Plan migration to microservices based on Clean Architecture Pattern and SOLID principles

  • Lead the migration process in close collaboration with developers and service owner 

  • Ensure that the service is designed and developed according to standards and best practices in Visma

  • Technical lead for the developers on the team

  • Be part of and contribute in relevant architect forums

  • Advise in design and technical decisions

  • Execute Architecture Reviews for the service

  • Responsible for the technology stack currently consisting of technologies and tools like TeamCity, Octopus, Git, Azure, C#,, Javascript, Typescript, Angular, React 

  • Ensure that the health of the service is monitored and SLA is fulfilled

 If you are the right one for us, we believe that you have:

  • Minimum 3 years' higher education, e.g. MSc at a college or university.

  • Minimum 5 years' of related working experience (i.e.from software industry). 

  • Knowledge of Software Engineering methods and patterns

  • Experience in designing cloud software


Some information about Visma

Visma has more than 14.000 employees and is growing year by year.  We have more than 1,000,000 customers and closed 2021 with a strong financial result.

Visma delivers software that simplifies and digitizes core business processes in the private and public sector. With presence across the entire Nordic region along with Benelux, Central and Eastern Europe, we are one of Europe’s leading software companies. Being a big company,  we always have interesting opportunities inside the company when an employee needs new challenges!

How is it to work in Visma?  .

Visma is big, but each employee belongs in a team with a clear purpose and objective! We want you to know how you are contributing to the bigger picture. We also want you to have an interesting job, to enjoy working with your teammates and to learn something new every day!

In our team we have monthly hack days and we organize hackathons 2 times per year. You will have the opportunity to have a license with a learning platform such as Pluralsight, Udemy or O’Reilly. In Visma we have a TechAcademy filled with courses that you can sign up to. There are also a lot of events organized internally where our talented colleagues share their knowledge and expertise.

Our team usually meets 2 times per year for team building, social activities and to plan and align our work. We really look forward to meeting again this year after months of no traveling.

When it comes to benefits, it is worth mentioning that Visma has company holiday apartments in Spain and France that you can apply for. For our employees in Romania we offer an attractive salary and benefits package that includes a 13th salary, medical insurance, pension PIII, seniority bonus, referral bonus, other bonuses for special events, Bookster subscription, meal tickets, monthly budget for flexible benefits.


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